Covid-19 Level 3 Restrictions

Hello everyone, as you are aware, the country is now on Level 3 lockdown regarding the Covid 19 situation. Unfortunately, this means that we have to return to the pre-recorded online Sunday messages, which will be recorded and posted on our website, Facebook page and Youtube on each Sunday.

I realise that as a church this is becoming frustrating, especially when we are following recommendations from the Medical profession and Government. This has been successful for WxCCC and we thank all of the team who have implemented these extensive measures keeping everyone safe. Nonetheless, we are now required to close our doors again but thankfully it will be for 3 weeks only with a review of the countrywide situation at that time. The fact that we are not in the building for 3 Sundays will again mean that our tithe/contributions will be down. Therefore, I am asking that everyone consider contributing through our Bank Account details. The details can be found on our Give page. If that isn’t possible, perhaps just keep and donate when you return. It is truly appreciated!

In the meantime, I pray that everyone will stay safe and keep in touch with each other. Take the time to text or call just to check in and encourage someone. We will look at Zoom meetings again and see how we will proceed for the 3 weeks. God will never be on lockdown nor will His church remain on lockdown!

On behalf of the leadership, God bless you all and your families.