Who we are

Wexford Christian Community Church is a church that is committed to following the Lord Jesus Christ and His teachings. The Church started out as a fellowship in 1990 and after moving to various locations we finally settled in our new church building in June 2009.

WxCCC has a strong commitment to its members and the community, and we believe in Christian values for our families. The leadership of WxCCC strongly believe in accountability as a scriptural principle and as such, we are a member of the Christian Churches Ireland (CCI) churches. This consequently means that we are accountable to the National Council of the CCI. The CCI currently has more than thirty churches registered as members in Ireland and this provides us with relationship support with similar churches.

WxCCC endeavours to reach out to the community to build relationships. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an essential message to be shared with the community. We also place great importance on our family type relationships with each other in the church, and to be there for one another in times of difficulty. We are a church of different languages and cultures and we are blessed by the diversity of people who attend and also contribute to serving one another.

Our vision

The vision of WxCCC is to reach out to the community with the love of Jesus Christ and the good news of the Gospel. We are committed to each other in the unity of the Holy Spirit and we aim to be a church that reflects the true Gospel and the love of Christ.

We value people, the teaching and the daily application of scriptures in the lives of believers. We also aim to serve each other in the true meaning of the scriptures and equip God’s people to serve Him in whatever He calls them to. We further believe in the power of the Gospel to reach and transform a community that is lost without it, and we aim to share that message in love with those who will listen.