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We are delighted to be able to announce that we have now uploaded all of the Sunday Morning Bile Teachings that we had for 2011.

This means that as well as the teachings from the current year (2013) we now have teachings for 2010 and 2011 available.  And we have already started uploading teachings from 2012.

These are an excellent resource for folk and we hope that you will both use and be blessed by them.

A lot of folk have asked where they can access recordings of talks and lectures given at WXCCC but which are not part of the regular Sunday morning teachings.

So in response to this we have now built a new 'Conferences' page which can be found by placing your cursor on the 'teachings' tab at the head of the site.

On here we shall try to list all lectures and talks given and which have been recorded.

Already available on that page are recordings of the talks given as part of the ICEJ Conference held at WXCCC on August 24th and "I Was a Boy in Belson" the talk given by Tomi Reinchental on July 10th.

  Just a short note to let everyone know that we are currently converting and uploading our sermons back catalogue.

Regular visitors to our media or teachings pages will notice these older recordings appearing and increasing as time passes.  We hope you will make use of and be blessed by them.  Currently we are working on 2010 recordings butif anyone would like a recording from another year uploaded ahead of schedule please feel free to let us know.