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Kevin Deane

Kevin Deane

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“Israel, Ireland, the Church
and the end of the Age”

Saturday 24th August 2013

10.30am - 5.00 pm

Wexford Christian Community Church
31, Westpoint Business Park, Clonard, Wexford

Guest Speakers
Paul & Nuala O’Higgins
Yanky Fachler

Further information:

Paul & Pamela Coulter: 086 4677545
Denis Dowling: 087 2531797
Paul Phillips: 086 4671483
Pat Murphy: 086 8234153


To say that the lecture that Tomi Reichental gave yesterday evening was extremely enjoyable would somehow seem inappropriate, given the subject matter of Tomi's talk.  To say that it was extremely thought-provoking, educational, informative and indeed challenging is perhaps far more appropriate.

We were extremely blessed to have Tomi come to us yesterday evening and to share so much of his knowledge and personal testimony concerning what happened to himself and many Jews during the Holocaust.  Tomi was but 9 years of age when this horrific tragic event happened to the Jewish people and as he said, "the Holocaust is not just only about the 6 million Jews who perished it is about; racism, loss of freedom, humiliation, loss of dignity, loss of education, confiscation of property, enslavement, starvation, torture, mass execution and of course 'the final solution to the Jewish question' as determined at the Wannsee Conference in Germany in 1942"

In a world and a day and age where there is a movement to deny that the Holocaust ever happened, it is essential that we not only remember it but also learn the vital lessons arising from it.

As I said, this was an extremely thought-provoking, educational, informative and indeed challenging lecture and we are all so very grateful to Tomi for taking time to come all this way to deliver it.

For those who were unable to attend yesterday evening an audio recording of Tomi's lecture can be heard here:

Audio recording of the Lecture given by Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental at Wexford Christian Community Church on Wednesday July 10th 2013. (Please note that due to technical difficulties the question and answer section at the end of this lecture has needed some editing and enhancing. We apologise for the poorer sound quality in that section.)
Duration:1 hr 34 mins 58 secs

(Please note that due to technical difficulties the Q & A session at the end of Tomi's lecture did not record properly.  Whilst we have done what we can to repair and enhance this part of the recording we do apologize for the poor sound quality of that part of the recording.)

Additionally copies of Tomi's book "I Was A Boy In Belsen" are available from Amazon.com here


We are delighted to be able to announce that as promised our Sunday morning teachings are now also available on android based smart phones! 

All you have to do is to download and install the sermon.net application from your app store and then once installed simply open it up and do a search for 'wxccc'. 

Once the search has finished you should see the following image along with Wexford Christian Community Church.

Hit the + symbol (normally in the top right) and subscribe to that channel and you should be all good to go!

Obviously, different phones present in different ways so if you need any assistance with this please feel free to speak to me on Sunday.

Kind regards and God bless you.


Ps.  Don't forget that for iphone and ipad users the teachings are available through iTunes and for those who do not have internet ready phones the teachings can of course be accessed via the "Teachings" page of this site or on CD from church.

(Picture courtesy of "http://www.jewishireland.org/news/tomi-reichental-receiving-his-order-of-merit-of-the-federal-republic-of-germany/" no copyright infringement intended.)


Wexford Christian Community Church is happy to announce that Tomi Reichental will be giving a talk (at the church building (Unit 31, Westpoint Business Park, Clonard, Wexford Co. Wexford) on his experiences as a child in Belsen prison camp during the Holocaust.

The talk will begin at 7.00pm sharp on Wednesday the 10th July and you are most welcome to attend.


In response to some of the conversations that we have had in respect of the website and our teachings page we are delighted to be able to announce that we now have a new download option!

Bo now you can either listen to the teachings when visiting the website or download them to listen to later!  And there are two ways of doing this...

On our "Teachings" page...

Select the teaching you want to hear

Then TO PLAY click on on the white play button within the black bar, or

TO DOWNLOAD just click on the "download" link (illustrated by the red arrow in the above image).

OR on our "Media" page...

Select either the "Listen" link or the "download" link (illustrated by the red arrow in the above image).

And why not share these pages with friends or family who can not come to church with you?  It's a great way of sharing your experiences and can be a great way of discussing your faith and what it and the teachings mean to you!

And if you need any help with downloading or listening to the teachings, remember I am always willing to help where I can :)


Mindful of the fact that sometimes folk are not able to attend the church service on Sunday morning, and the fact that some may wish to share teachings with family and friends, additional to the teachings and media sections of this site, we have now setup a new podcast facility through both iTunes and Sermon.net.

This means there are now three ways in which you can access audio recordings of the Sunday morning Bible teachings online...

Via this website...

Simply go to the 'Teachings' page and click on the teaching you would like to hear.

This will bring up that teaching and there will be a small black box containing a white arrow.

Simply click on that arrow and the teaching will play.

(Please note that this is probably the best way to access the most recently published teachings)

Via iTunes...

This will enable any one who has an iTunes account to be able to download Podcasts of the Sunday morning Bible Teachings free of charge to their laptops, computers, or smart phones.

In order to do this all you have to do is sign into your iTunes account and do a search for "Wexford Christian Community Church".

Once you have located the Wexford Christian Community Church feed please be sure to hit "subscribe" so that you are notified each time a new podcast is available.

This will then list all of the available teachings and all you have to do is click on the one that you require.

Via Sermon.net...

The third way in which you can hear the Sunday morning teachings is to visit Sermon.net and in the search bar  (top right) again simply type in "Wexford Christian Community Church" and again this will load up all the available teachings.  You can then choice the teaching that you require.

 (Please be advised that: because both Sermon.net and iTunes settings are not managed directly by us, there may be a slight delay before the most recent teachings are available via these methods.)

We hope that you will both enjoy these new facilities and find them a valuable resource.