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Wexford Christian Community Church Young Adults

`The Lord is raising up a generation to stand in the gap and spread the Light in a world of darkness. With this precious call comes a lot of adversity. The pressure of campus, workplace, and peer pressure as well as the temptation to leave the call of God to pursue personal ambitions are some of the problems we face as young adults. At WXCCC Young Adults, we aim to equip and train the next generation to walk in His steps and to be transformed into the likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through this,we learn to live for Christ and fulfill His purpose for each of us through serving others, and to remain steadfast and grounded in His love and will for our lives. It is not an easy call but a very rewarding one and at Young Adults we stand together and build each other up in times of trouble and opposition.
If you are a Christian walking with the Lord and between the age of 18-30,  or someone who is searching to find purpose in your life, then you are more than welcome to join WXCCC Young Adults. 

We meet together at 7pm on Friday nights. 
Feel free to pm on https://www.facebook.com/wxcccyoungadults or call/text on 0852109207.
Carolyn Phillips
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